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The Innovators in Trailer Design

Kea Terms and Conditions


As our policy is one of continual development, specifications and claims in this booklet are correct at the date of printing and can change without notice.

Kea Trailers NZ Ltd as the manufacturer, takes no responsibility for incorrect and improper use of its products which may result in any loss or damage.

The use and maintenance of this product is the responsibility of the owner/operator.

For further guidelines please refer to the NZ Standards: 5467 Code of Practice for Light Trailers.


Kea is a registered trademark of Kea Trailers NZ Ltd. Kea Trailers NZ Ltd owns all copyright in its trailer and trailer design.

Five Year Warranty

Kea Trailers carry a Five (5) year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Kea Trailers NZ Ltd will repair or replace any defective part of a trailer within this time, if the defective part or trailer is returned freight paid to Kea Trailers NZ Ltd.

Damage due to misuse, neglect, lack of maintenance and general wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.

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