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The Innovators in Trailer Design

Heavy duty tandem trailer from Kea TrailersKC126 - Tandem Trailers

Heavy duty tandem with double eye nylon bushed 5 leaf springs on compensating tandem axle suspension. The load is equally shared by all 4 wheels.



Tare Weight: 495 kg  GVM: 2000kg  Wheels/Tyres: 185/14/8 ply
Deck Area: 12ft x 6ft (3600mm x 1800mm)
Chassis: 450MPa Hi-tensile
Note: Some trailer images may show optional extras

Quality Features

Compensating Axle Components

All moving parts are nylon bushed for reduced maintenance. Link plates and rocker hangers are fitted with hexagon washers to prevent the lubricated bolts from turning and reducing wear on these parts. All these components, including springs are galvanised.

Deck and Sides

Clad with heavy duty aluminium treadplate pressed to form deck and sides in one for the KC85, KC95 and KC105. 18mm hardwood marine ply decks can be fitted upon request at no extra charge as an alternative. Sides are 350mm high, incorporating a RHS tie-rail. Heavy duty RHS box section tailgates.

Hubs and Wheels

KC846 175/70/13"
KC85, KC95, KC105, KC126 Galvanised taper roller bearing hubs are fitted with new 8 ply 185 14" commercial vehicle tyres on galvanised rims.


Duo-fit (1 7/8" and 50mm) fitted to all heavy duty tandems.

Load Rating

1500kg GVM on KC846
2000kg GVM on KC85, KC95, KC105, KC126
2500Kg GVM rating available on request

Contact Kea Trailers to discuss your trailer needs.